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Thank the big man upstairs for exhibitionists! People prepared to strip for cash or even just for the blimming heck of it... it's a public service, available to us right now on the wonder that is the Web. Amateur pics can have a charm that some of the more slick and airbrushed professional pictures don't have, and the range of women tends to be much wider, and sometimes weirder. Be warned! These sites can be a mixture of mercies and you may come across some things you wish you hadn't. But here's a few that come with Papster approval...

Southern Charms
Four mind-boggling and continually evolving
collections of amateur exhibitionist females of all shapes and sizes. On closer examination it appears that some of the featured women may not always have been women, and some stretch the limits of what could be considered beautiful, but you can find some genuine and truly pretty lasses without too much trying, for instance Adulteress, Amanda, Angel, Angela's Place, Angelique, Angelle, Anna SC2, Ann Marie, Ashlee, Ariel, Bella, Betty Boobs, Bianna Ray, Brooke, Carmen, Caryn, Chase Siddy, Christina UK, Cielo, Cute Angel, Daisy Duxxx, DDDelicious, Denise, Dorina K, Ejay UK, Emily, Grace (New!), Heather, Hot Ashton Gray (New!), Hottyy, Indira, Isabel (New!), Jamie, Jeanine, Kinky Kate, Li'l Tramp, Lilu Hotty, Madison Riley, Mackenzie, Mary Lou, Mercedes, Miranda, Motoxgirl, Natalie, Nicole (New!), Nicoletta, Reese, Riley , Roxy Amsterdam, Shannon, Shayna, Shellie, Sinful Critter, Sophie, Sophie UK, Star UK, Taylor, Tristan, and Violet. You get free access to the three most recent shoots for each lass, which is intended to encourage you to join up for access to more revealing pictures. There's also a Southern Gents section for those among you who swing the other way.

Sonia Dane / Lingerie Pass
A fine group of lingerie sites, all accessible via a reasonably priced Lingerie Pass. Especially recommended: Taylor Robbins, Ivana and Silver.

Amateur Homepages
A group of sites featuring pretty girls-next-door. Each site has a good selection of sample sets featuring 10 or so pictures each. These tend to be suggestive rather than explicit, but kinda cute. Anyone been in the member's area?

Club Lisa

Foxy Kim

Melissa Davis



Amanda Ford (New!)

Ashley Allen (New!)

Brenda Lewis (and her pal Sammi)






Heather Murphy (New!)

Heidi York (New!)

Jill Kerry

Kandi Star


Monica Wells (New!)



Tristan King (New!)

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